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Re: Deactivated languages

Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org):
> > During the writing of this mail (offline) it hit me: I wonder if a list
> > with all the countries each in its own language/languages wouldn't reduce
> So, how will you write "India" ? Or "Belgium" ? Or "Switzerland" ?

This was written while coming back from work....by car, so you'll
excuse the short length of thjat answer.

Mor eseriously, working on lowering the size impact of translations of
localechooser is certainly to be done as there is certainly a quite
low benefit of having "Japan" translated in....Kazakkh.....but, up to
now no-one gas found the appropriate method for this and especially
for handling countries with multiple languages, even when restricting
self to official languages (and that would definitely lead to more
political problems at some moment....which always happens when dealing
with that kind of stuff).

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