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Bug#398686: debian-installer: [ia64] partitioning screen rendering problem w/ serial console

Joey Hess wrote:
This looks like a failure to display the NBSP characters added to
partman items to ensure that each item in the select list is unique.
It seems that rather than display a space character for the NBSP, it
displays nothing. One possibility might be running the installer in a
terminal that does not support utf-8.


I think you might be right on that. I switched the encoding in konsole to "Western European (iso8859-1)" and the formatting now looks correct, but there's some extra characters in the output now:


Is there any way these NBSP characters can be replaced with non-utf8 characters so that serial console installs with the newt interface can render properly? I know from other testing that RHEL4 and SLES10 can install without any rendering artifacts with the same serial console.


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