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Re: Draft release notes and errata for RC1 - please comment

On Monday 13 November 2006 13:44, Sven Luther wrote:
> > You did not take into account my comments, there is no such thing as
> > an "OldWorld PowerPC". The correct name is "oldworld powermac".
> > Please try to be exact.

I did not get that from your previous mail.
Probably because it was somewhat buried in the text. I've said often 
enough that I'm not really familiar with powerpc, so excuse me if I miss 
the fine distinction between powerpc and powermac.

Fixed now.

> > You can add :
> >
> >   * IBM pseries on serial port : finish-install does not set the
> > /etc/inittab serial console. You need to edit /etc/inittab and set
> > your serial console by hand. (See #394970 for details).
> >
> >   * Apple G5 fan will go into full speed mode.
> >     (See #392921, #394971 and #394972 for details).

Don't think these are significant enough that they need to be mentioned.

> Oh, and :
>     * RAID installation is broken with macintosh partition tables.
>       (See #397973 and #392767 for details)
>     * PReP unsupported for RC1 due to missing support in the 2.6.17
> kernel. Support is present in 2.6.18 as a separate -prep flavour.


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