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Re: Draft release notes and errata for RC1 - please comment

On Saturday 11 November 2006 00:31, Steve Langasek wrote:
> alpha:
>   VGA console on TITAN- and TSUNAMI-class systems is not supported. 
>   This is expected to be fixed for RC2.


>   auto-configuring keyboard settings from SRM does not work.

I don't understand what this means in practical terms. Could you 
elaborate? Does it only affect the installer or installed systems too?
Any way to work around it?
Is this a new issue or an existing one? Is it something to include in the 
release notes for Etch too?

>   installation on systems running AlphaBIOS is not supported.

AFAIK this was already included in the RN for Sarge and is still included 
in the draft for Etch, so I don't think this needs to be repeated.

> On this last point, I've been discussing with Jay Estabrook at HP, who
> thinks it would be useful for Debian to support a MILO-bootable kernel
> image on our install media even though we aren't shipping MILO itself. 
> The appropriately-configured kernel image exists in our archive as
> linux-image-2.6.18-2-alpha-legacy; is there time in between RC1 and RC2
> for me to throw this flavor together for d-i and get it included on the
> CDs?

I would say yes, but please do so ASAP. The changes to debian-cd should 
only be made when we start preparing RC2 unless they can be done in such 
a way that they don't break weekly builds for RC1.

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