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Bug#397984: debian-installer: Keyboard selection depending on language ?

reassign 397984 console-data
tags 397984 console-data wontfix
retitle 397984 Please base the default keyboard on select D-I country rather than language

Quoting Mike Hommey (mh+reportbug@glandium.org):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: minor
> Hi,
> I've been giving a try to the beta3 installer today (I had to quickly
> install a system in a vmware, so...) and was wondering about something.
> How unusual is it for people to use a computer that is not from their
> country ? How does it compare to people that use a computer from their
> country in another one ?
> Let me explain.
> At the very beginning of the install, the user is asked for the language
> for the installer.
> Then, he is asked for the country he is in, with the default choice
> being the most probable one considering the language.
> Finally, he is asked what kind of keyboard he is using, with the default
> choice being the most probable one considering the language.
> Wouldn't it make sense to have as default choice the most probable one
> considering the country, instead ?

To my feeling no more no less sense.

We have to make a choice and this choice has been made to base the
*default* keyboard *first* on language then on country.

All mechanisms in console-data (which is the right package to assign
this bug to) allow "pondering" the language with the country to choose
the default keyboard.

See the following:

be      by      Belarussian
bg      bg      Bulgarian
bs      croat   Bosnian
cs:cs_CZ        cz-lat2 Czech
de_CH   sg-latin1       Swiss German
de:de_DE:en_DE  de-latin1-nodeadkeys    German (Latin1; no dead keys)
da      dk-latin1       Danish
en:en_US:en_AU:zh:eo:ko:us:nl:nl_NL:ar:fa:hi:id:mg:sq:tl:vi:xh  us      American
en_IE:en_GB:ga:gd:gv:cy:kw      uk      British
xx      dvorak  Dvorak
et      et      Estonian
ca:es:eu:gl     es      Spanish
es_CL:es_DO:es_GT:es_HN:es_MX:es_PA:es_PE:es_SV la-latin1       Latin American
fi      fi-latin1       Finnish
fr:fr_FR:br:oc  fr-latin9       French
fr_BE:nl_BE:wa  be2-latin1      Belgian

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