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Re: Proposing a debugging method for this bug

Le lundi 06 novembre 2006 12:55, Attilio Fiandrotti a écrit :
> Jerome, if i provide a simple patch for DFB 0.9.25, could you please 
> rebuild the libdirectfb-udeb and see if the crash is fixed?
> In this case we could backport the fix from DFB 1.0-rc2 to DFB 0.9.25: 
> would this be possible if fixes this chash?

Of course.

> Using different signals for cdebconf db saving and DFB vt switching is 
> good, but still cdebconf's signal handling mechanism may need to be fixed.

How does it need to be fixed? Won't using different signal fix the issue?

Jérôme Marant

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