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Bug#395920: manual updated

I just added a couple of sentences in SVN to make it clear that one can use
an extra "--"

Here's the new paragraph:

A <quote>--</quote> in the boot options has special meaning.  Kernel
parameters that appear after the last <quote>--</quote> will be copied
into the installed bootloader configuration (if supported by the
installer for the bootloader). Note that the <quote>--</quote> may
already be present in the default boot parameters, which will mean
that unless you add another <quote>--</quote> all parameters specified
at the boot prompt will be copied.  That being the case, you should
specify any preseeding options before any options required by the
hardware in order to boot, and separate them with a <quote>--</quote>
to ensure that only the latter are copied onto the target system.

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