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Bug#394145: install base system doesn't time out when link dies

On Thursday 19 October 2006 23:40, dtutty@porchlight.ca wrote:
> Installing the base system:
> 	Internet is accessed via eth0 to my 486 that has a modem.  I'm
> 	on dialup in the country.  When ppp link goes down, I can bring
> 	it back up but the installer doesn't time-out, it just sits
> 	there.

I've reassigned your report to the pkgsel component for this issue.

> Wanted to make USB stick the whole 2 GB so followed the manual section
> 4.3.2.
> 	mkdosfs needs the -F16 option.  Otherwise makes F12 which
> 	doesn't support long filenames under vfat.

Hmm. I've tried with my 256 MB USB stick, and it creates a 16-bit table by 
default and I'd be surprised if it would default to a 12-bit table for 
larger sized sticks.

- What size was the partition you created?
- What partition type did you set the partition to when you partitioned
  the stick? Or: what does 'fdisk -l /dev/sda' give?
- What does 'mkdosfs -v /dev/sda1' give?
(replace sda and sda1 by correct devices for your USB stick)

> 	mkdosfs man page says it can't make bootable fs.  Used
> 	install-mbr.

No, but I think syslinux takes care of that (as used in the manual).

> Would like a way to interrupt the whole install process incase need to
> power-off or if power dies.

That's easier said than done. How would you propose we determine the state 
of the installation and especially if nothing was corrupted during power 
loss. Remember that the installer runs completely in memory, so when 
power is gone, the installer is completely gone too.


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