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Bug#395262: choose-mirror: requires internet access to build

Package: choose-mirror
Version: 2.08
Severity: serious
Justification: Requiring network access during build causes lots of problems


Building choose-mirror seems to require network access, since it
retrieves a file found on cvs.d.o:
if [ "$ONLINE" != n ]; then \
  if wget -nv 'http://cvs.debian.org/*checkout*/webwml/english/mirror/Mirrors.masterlist?rev=HEAD&cvsroot=webwml&content-type=text/plain'
-O - > Mirrors.masterlist.new && \
    test -s Mirrors.masterlist.new; then \
	mv Mirrors.masterlist.new Mirrors.masterlist; \
   else \
      rm -f Mirrors.masterlist.new; \
   fi; \

Quoting from #393900 (against libwww-myspace-perl):
Accessing the network during build is bad for these reasons:
- It's a privacy concern: without being asked, some information about
  the system is being sent to a remote host;
- It should be possible to autobuild the package on a buildd with no
  network access.
- The test has a high probability to fail lateron because of the
  referenced host (temporarily) disappearing.

Making ONLINE default to "n" would probably solve the problem.

Thank you,
| Lucas Nussbaum
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