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Bug#394100: Fan control not working on HP Pavillion dv6000

On Sunday 22 October 2006 22:35, Mark Pinto wrote:
> I was able to install Fedora Core 6 Test 3on it...it runs fine and
> doesnt overheat or freeze.  Which brings me to ask, is there anything
> that I can look up or post from the Fedora install that will help
> figure out why Debian doesn't work on it?

Could you check if there are any (relevant) differences between the kernel 
configurations used by Fedora and Debian?
If you find any, could you try compiling a custom Debian kernel to see if 
that indeed fixes things?

If not, then it looks as if Fedora has a patch that is not yet in the 
upstream kernel (or at least not in 2.6.18) and that Debian therefore 
Could you try to find that in their changelog or maybe by diff'ing the 
kernel sources?

Could you also try the new 2.6.18 that was uploaded yesterday?


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