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Bug#393919: partman-crypto: should provide separate short description

On Saturday 21 October 2006 23:17, Max Vozeler wrote:
> I've seen this problem during installs in german locale (#381968),
> and this is really something that could be improved. Overall though,
> I think having at least a chance to associate the backing device
> with the encrypted device is more important than having the minor
> glitch of a cut-off string.

The only problem is that in the screenshot I gave as example, _all_ the 
really usefull info is cut off. So the actual gain is exactly zero.

I don't feel your reasoning is valid. If you want to make sure some 
mapping info is visible, then we should make sure the string is short 
enough so that it actually _will_ be useful. For example by _only_ 
listing "sda5_crypt", without the "Encrypted volume" bit.

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