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Bug#394094: installation report, ADSL-configuration not possible in debian-i

Güven Türkol wrote:
hi Eddy

Hello Güven,

of course there is pppoeconf with the netinstaller. i just didn`t know that you have to load the modules ppp-udeb... I am sorry! ;)

There are two methods of configuring pppoe connections:
 - with a netinst via pppoeconf
 - with any image except the miniiso via ppp-udeb

You have initially asked for the first method, and I suggested the second as an alternative. The first one should work at the moment, while the second waits for an upload of the package that includes the fixes I made.

so I read your advice discribed like in [1] and moved the /usr/lib/pppd/2.4.4b1 to /usr/lib/2.4.4. after that I tried to configure an start a pppoe connection but it failed again. the error was that: no concentrator was found. after trying several times the same, the concentrator was found, I was asked for the PPP-login and PPP-Passwort but a connection could not be established.

and it is impossible to wget http://haydn.debian.org/~eddyp-guest/darcs/ppp/ppp-2.4.4rel/debian/ppp-udeb.postinst
without a connection

Indeed, stupid me, is a chicken and egg problem :-D (/me assumed that most people have also an Ethernet connection next to the PPPoE one; maybe you could download the file on a floppy..). Anyway, I will try to provide a custom image that fixes the issues in the next days. if you would like to use that image for tests I would appreciate it.



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