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Bug#394205: Installation on PPC (Mac Mini G4) Failed

Package: debian-installer

Using the daily build 20061019
debian-testing-powerpc-businesscard.iso, the installation fails during
"Install the base system". This is on a G$ Mac Mini (1.24GH)
system. Installation failed using either Testing or Unstable
releases. The last few lines on vt4 read:

base-installer: info: Using kernel 'linux-image-2.6-powerpc'
base-installer: info: Setting do_initrd='yes'.
base-installer: info: Setting link_in_boot='yes'.
base-installer: info: Available initramfs generator(s): 'initramfs-tools yaird'
base-installer: apt-install or in-target is already running, so you cannot run either of
base-installer: them again until the other instance finishes. You may be able to use
base-installer: 'chroot /target ...' instead.
base-installer: error: exiting on error base-installer/kernel/failed-package-install

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