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[G-I] some words about G-I (not necssarily ppc ;-)


I wanted to see how things looked with the current installer (on powerpc, and not only on it). I tried the daily built on the 18th.

- thanks Attlio for making G-I work on powerpc machines (mine :-D)
- the changed of the border has a weird optical side effect: the image seems to be for no reason limited to the center of the screen; proposed /test/ : try to add a thin bounding box around the whole screen. The banner just being in the center or the image for no apparent reason (the old background gave it a "this is the limit where it can go to" feeling) - there seem to be some small font rendering issues: I have seen the minus sign "-" (used here as a separator between composed words) overlap (to the point it apparently formed one body) with a following "v". This looks really ugly and it is incorrect rendering. Any idea about this issue? Is it gone with the new dejavu fonts?

P.S.: I couldn't manage to start with installgui the netinst. Is G-I not included/disabled for ppc netinst?
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