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Re: Graphical D-I test install

Frans Pop wrote:
On Thursday 19 October 2006 15:44, Eddy Petrișor wrote:
True, this was not constructive... but honestly I didn't saw my remark as "crapping on things";

I call this crapping on things:
Is either that or having a great installer which sucks just because
we have a _really_ crappy partitioner.

There is absolutely no basis to call partman "a _really_ crappy partitioner" and that that fact allone makes the whole installer "suck". We get as many compliments for partman as comments that it could be easier to use.

OK, I see your point, still I am entitled to an opinion which is based on the experiences I tried with newbies in Debian. Absolutely none of my test subjects :-) managed to work their way through the installer when they had some other partitions they wanted save and not use the whole disk.

I would call this "unintuitive", to say the least, even if the technical merits are a lot different (and I *do* understand the constraint that debconf imposes on the partitioner).

Weird, I am quite sure (since I was a little bit shocked about it) I have heard this conversation about C++ support, while in Extremadura in
January, and was between you and Sven. I have replied in the light of
what I heard then. If this is incorrect, I apologize (still I wonder
where from could I have heard such a claim, since I am sure I have
heard it personally).

Sure, creation was requested, but the request to create the udebs was done by Sven without the agreement from the rest of the d-i team and even while he knew that people were in general opposed to the idea.

It was never acted on because the request had no support and the resulting udebs would never have been accepted in the installer.

Ah, ok, I was wondering if really I was delirious. :-)

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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