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Re: Rebuilding all etch packages inside etch, round 2

(Dropping d-release; please CC d-boot as I'm not subscribed to d-qa.)

On Wednesday 18 October 2006 11:16, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> I built packages from main which where supposed to build on AMD64
> according to their Architecture: field in a etch AMD64 chroot. Using
> sbuild improved the situation a lot compared to my first attempt[1].
> However, 548 packages still fail to build.

> Sorted using dd-list:
> http://ox.blop.info/bazaar/buildlogs/20061017/000FailedBuilds-ddlist.txt
> All build logs from failed builds:
> http://ox.blop.info/bazaar/buildlogs/20061017/

Thanks for your efforts on this. I've taken a look at the failures for the 
debian-boot team (Debian Installer):


Both fail with the following error:
   The following packages have unmet dependencies:
     python-xml: Depends: python-central (>= 0.4.15) but it is not going
                 to be installed
I expect this is either a transient error or a bug in the python 
packaging. I would probably be good if someone could check for this 


BR already reassigned to w3m (#393641; reduced to normal); the segfault 
has possibly been resolved for the installation guide by setting an 
alternative PATH in the build script.
As this is an Arch:all package, I'm not particularly bothered by the 
failure anyway.


Both of these are not really meant to be built on buildds...
The log of the first does not really give any indication of what goes 
The second is a relatively new package that currently depends on an old 
kernel for transition purposes. This should be fixed with the next 
migration of the package.
Anyway, I'm inclined to ignore both of these.


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