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Re: Erratic, unuseable mouse behaviour in g-i

On Tuesday 08 August 2006 07:38, Joel Johnson wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> When booting using 'installgui' it loads and displays fine, but the
> mouse is unusable. The mouse is erratic on the screen, with a slight
> but constant vibration. I have rough control over the vertical axis,
> but the cursor is immovable horizontally (for me, it shakes left and
> right a good bit). When using other GUI installers it works fine, but I
> believe all of them use X instead of DirectFB. Is there some DirectFB
> testing I can do on an installed workstation that would help? I can't
> imagine that this is a very unique situation and would like to help see
> it get fixed for etch.

Could you try again with a current daily image?
There have been some changes and possibly this issue may have been solved.


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