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Re: archive.progeny.com going down?

Joey Hess wrote:
> James Troup told me that you'd told him that archive.progeny.com might
> be decomissioned within the next 8 (now 4) weeks. Is that going to
> happen? This comes at a tricky point in the release schedule for us for
> such a major mirror to go away; it would be best if we can act on this
> immediatly and stop the installer from using that mirror this week if
> it's going to stop working, before our next release of the installer.
     We're sorry for the delay in informing Debian of this, we will have
to decommission archive.progeny.com.  Progeny was just informed at the
beginning of this week that we'd have to find a new collocation location
& bandwidth for our server.  We had already started the process to ask
other providers for help, but yesterday that fell through.  We were
going to send out the e-mail today after deciding exactly when
archive.progeny.com would need brought down.
     Archive.progeny.com must be decommissioned at 22:00 EDT on Sunday,
October 22nd (02:00 UTC on Monday, October 23rd).  We're sorry for
giving everybody slightly over a week to deal with this, but we were
exhausting all our options before taking this action.

     So, yes, Joey, please remove archive.progeny.com from both the
ftp.us.debian.org rotation as well as from the installer.  We're sorry
to do this at such a tricky time for Debian.

> Note that archive.progeny.com also doesn't seem to have updated its
> Debian mirror since the 11th, or maybe the 8th.
     Yes, the network card is behaving badly on when transferring from
ftp-master.debian.org.  We get "Oversized(?) Ethernet frame spanned
multiple buffer" warnings which slow the transfer rate to around 50kbps.
 Thus, it takes over 24 hours for the sync to successfully complete.
     With yesterday's decision to decommission the server in 9 days, it
doesn't seem to be a good use of resources to try to fix it.

Bernie Hoefer                      Progeny Linux Systems, Inc.

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