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Bug#390435: Please, include GTK theme Bladr into rootskel-gtk

Hello Luca,

Not sure if you've already seen the discussion, but it looks like we are 
not going to be able to include the bladr based theme in the graphical 

Reason is that we had an important issue where selected lines in selection 
lists would disappear, and it turns out that we can work around that by 
using the Clearlooks engine (#385026).

It probably makes no sense to use a bladr based theme with the Clearlooks 
engine, but it is probably possible to achieve roughly the same overall 
style as with bladr (using similar coloring, icons etc.).

If you're interested in working on this, I suggest you talk with Attilio 
about what the options are.

See also this thread on the d-boot mailing list:

Frans Pop

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