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Re: [Debian Installer] General release plan for RC1

Hi Frans,

Glad to see you back up and about on Debian lists. :)

On Sun, Oct 08, 2006 at 11:40:08AM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> ==============
> The most important work planned for RC1 has been done and the installer in 
> general works well, although some finishing touches and testing are still 
> planned in the run up to Release Candidate 1 of the installer.

> I don't have a hard planned release date yet, but it will probably be 
> first week of November. Detailed planning and updates will be sent to 
> d-boot and d-release lists.
> General status and preparations for Etch RC1 can be found on [1].

> As it looks now RC1 will be released with kernel 2.6.17, unless 2.6.18 is 
> ready to migrate to testing in time for us to make the switch before the 
> release. If not, we plan to switch to 2.6.18 ASAP after RC1 and release 
> RC2 ASAP after 2.6.18 does migrate to testing.

Is this release schedule coming into better focus yet as we get closer?  Any
proposed timeline with milestones for the debian-booters to consider?

Will there be a call for testing on d-d-a before the actual release, to
provide better feedback going into the RC and increasing the chances that
we can get it in one shot?

I would very much like to see 2.6.18 in testing for rc1.  Looking at the bug
page, I don't really see any indication that 2.6.18 is a regression overall
wrt 2.6.17, so aside from sorting out the hppa build failure, I would say
that 2.6.18 is already ready for us to push in.

Cc:ed to debian-kernel for comment.

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