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Re: Floppy support - proposed changes

On Thursday 12 October 2006 10:21, Frans Pop wrote:
> Based on that the following comments:
> - Joey noted yesterday that the "floppy 1 first" message has some
>   translation issues (although translation is not essential, it is
>   still important for localized derived distributions)
>   I've created a proposed patch that should come close to solving that:
>   it uses the name of the real name of the disk image instead of
>   "disk1", thus: "Please insert Network drivers floppy 1
>   ('net-drivers-1') first." Patch is untested and may still need a bit
>   of work.

This is now done.

> - I'd like to see two separate templates for the first driver floppy
>   and for any further driver floppies. The second template should be
>   something like "Load drivers from another floppy?".
>   The default from that template could even vary: "Yes" if last floppy
>   was a -1 image, "No" if last floppy was a "-2" image.

Silvain is currently working on this.

In the mean time I've merged all his changes into trunk and these are 
ready to be committed when the last patch comes in.
I've tested that the floppies build from trunk and also tested the 
resulting floppies.

It looks like we don't actually need two separate cd-driver floppies at 
the moment:
Filesystem        1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
cd-drivers-1.img       1412       601       811  43% /media/cdrom0
cd-drivers-2.img       1412       711       701  51% /media/cdrom0

Sylvain: wouldn't it be better to just combine those into a single image?

The only thing we probably also need to do is add the copyright 
information for cpio in the debian/copyright for rootskel.
Sylvain: could you look into that too please?

I'm confident we can commit this today and so have floppies for i386 
available again tomorrow.

How long that will remain the case is the question as space on the boot 
floppy is already extremely tight:
Filesystem        1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
boot.img               1424      1408        16  99% /media/cdrom0

And as it already does not include the usb-discover udeb, USB keyboard 
support is possibly broken...


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