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We are ready to merge discover1-data into discover-data

I did the work this morning to merge discover1-data into
discover-data, to be able to maintain only once source for the
hardware information.  I want to upload this into unstable shortly,
and hope we can manage to get it into Etch.

The discover1-data package generated from the discover-data source in
svn is now a copy of the files included in the discover1-data svn
repository, but I plan to generate them from the XML files used by
discover v2, to reduce the maintenence work.  This is not done yet,
because of bugs in the generation scripts (unable to handle kernel
versions properly).

I've noticed discover1-data had some architecture specific pci-*.lst
files.  This is not supported by discover v2, so I suspect we need to
add some features to discover v2.  Also, discover v2 is missing sbus
support, so I just include a copy of the existing sbus*.lst files.

Any protest?  If not, I will upload the new package this evening
before the archive is updated.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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