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Bug#355713: hp ml350 install report

Hi Swen,

Thanks for filing the Debian installation report for the HP ML350 system


You mention in the report that you were using a sarge version of the 
installer. I think the "grub install on smartarray drive" failure you are 
seeing is a known one that got fixed after the sarge release. Unfortunately 
I'm not sure if the official sarge installer will ever be fixed to work on 
this system :(

You do have some other options though,

1.) If you need sarge...
 a.) dann frazier has been producing a custom version of the sarge 
debian-installer that works for more ProLiant systems(including newer 
systems). See


 b.) There were a couple smartarray related bugs and I can't remember which 
you are seeing, but for some systems (mainly older ones that don't also 
require a newer kernel driver) there might be a workaround you can do at 
install time by dropping to a shell at the right time and fixing by hand. ISTR 
in one case you just needed to tweak a path in /boot/grub/device.map to be 
/dev/cciss/c0d0. Maybe dannf remembers if there is a workaround for making the 
sarge installer work on ml350?

2.) If you can use etch, I think all recent versions of d-i should work. If 
you try one please submit an installation report and add your system to the 
wiki page listed above.


Matt Taggart

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