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Bug#391047: [debian-installer amd64 20060929] no /var/log/debian-installer/ when /var/log is on another partition


On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 07:23:55PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> reassign 391047 save-logs
> thanks
> On Wednesday 04 October 2006 16:37, Pierre Machard wrote:
> > I installed /var/log on a dedicated partition. Once the system
> > installed I did not find the directory /var/log/debian-installer/ nor
> > any debian-installer log file.
> Which exact version of the installer were you using (please provide full 
> URL of the image you downloaded)?
> The directory is called /var/log/installer.
> I seriously doubt that /target/var/log/ being on a separate partition 
> affects the saving of the installer logs, unless the partition was not 
> mounted correctly during the installation.
> Please check if the installer directory is there if you unmount /var/log.
> Please check the syslog from the installation for possible causes if you 
> manage to find it.

Unfortunatly I had to re-install my system. Thanks for your help beaucause I
did not notice that logs were saved under /var/log/installer. I was used to
see it in /var/log/debian-installer.

It was a server at work so I made the installation as quick as possible.

Maybe you can close this bug. I can neither reproduce it, nor track anything.


P.S. the details of the version of the installer :

(daily image of 29 sept 2006)

And a business-card iso on :

(debian-testing-amd64-businesscard.iso          04-Oct-2006 03:30   34M )
Pierre Machard

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