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Bug#390139: tasksel: some tasks have odd entries

package: tasksel
version: 2.55
severity: minor


I am a typical desktop user living in Germany, so I decided to have a
look at the concerning tasks (desktop, german, german-desktop,
gnome-desktop) and found some strange things:

In line 9 'x-window-system-core' is installed. This is a transistional
meta-package which does nothing more than depend on 'xorg', so why not
install 'xorg' instead.

There is a duplicate entry in lines 12 and 13 (wngerman). 
Maybe hunspell-de-[de,at,ch] should be installed as well or as a
replacement for the myspell packages?

Maybe at least here the hunspell packages should be installed to provide
a modern spell-checker for OpenOffice.org?
It's annoying for a gnome user that 'kde-i18n-de' pulls half of kde
(e.g. arts and qt related stuff) into the system.

I wonder if 'epiphany-browser' will still be installed although
'mozilla-gnome-support' gets installed. If yes, then we have two mozilla
engines installed on a new system which is highly redundant. If not,
then there is no need to install 'liferea' because "epiphany integrates
with liferea".
However I guess that installing specialized software like
'gnome-btdownload', 'grdesktop' or 'hardinfo' etc. does somehow give the
impression of an already-tweaked-and-modified-by-someone desktop to the
newly installed system.

Fabian Greffrath
Institut für Experimentalphysik I
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
D-44780 Bochum

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