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Bug#384342: installation-report: doesn't boot kernel: Illegal Instruction (sparc)


I know this bug (384342) is closed, but I just hit it with the 20060810
installer on a SunBlade 1500.  Solaris seems to work just fine on it,
but when I boot from the cdrom, I get the same symptom as the OP
(Illegal Instruction apparently during "Loading initial ramdisk").

I did 'ctrace' at the ok prompt after the failure and got:

PC: 4042f4
Last leaf: jmp1 f0057da4 from 40004224
    0 w %o0-%o7: (0 0 0 0 f0057da4 0 fff11701 40004224 )

(copied from the screen, and verified, but still. . .)

I tried it three times, once passing 'mem=1024m', and I get the same
error and 'ctrace' each time.


Christopher S. Swingley          cswingle@iarc.uaf.edu
Intl. Arctic Research Center
University of Alaska Fairbanks   www.frontier.iarc.uaf.edu/~cswingle/

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