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Bug#389570: Incomplete patch to add dmraid support

Package: partman-base
Version: 94
Severity: wishlist


I have tried to improve dmraid support in d-i during the last few days.
What has been done until now:
  * improve the dmraid package [1] to fix #374480 and #375413,
  * add dmraid support in disk-detect (see #338719).

Attached is a patch that is a small improvement of partman-base support
for dmraid.  It only modify definitions.sh:humandev() to add support for
"mirror" devmapper devices.

Other needed changes in partman-base seems mostly related to device
detection (in init.d/parted) where disks under dmraid should be
filtered out of the listed devices.

Other missing changes in the debian-installer are:
  * debian-installer-utils/list-devices (and maybe udevinfo)
      Detection for disks and partitions should be added + filtering of
      devices under dmraid.
  * grub-installer (and possibly lilo-installer).

[1] http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/utnubu-maintainers/2006-September/000318.html

Index: debian/partman-base.templates
--- debian/partman-base.templates	(revision 40924)
+++ debian/partman-base.templates	(working copy)
@@ -285,6 +285,10 @@
 Type: text
 _Description: Encrypted volume (%s)
+Template: partman/text/dmraid_volume
+Type: text
+_Description: Software RAID %s (%s)
 Template: partman/text/lvm_lv
 Type: text
 _Description: LVM VG %s, LV %s
Index: definitions.sh
--- definitions.sh	(revision 40924)
+++ definitions.sh	(working copy)
@@ -703,6 +703,13 @@
 	        db_metaget partman/text/dmcrypt_volume description
 	        printf "$RET" $mapping
+	    elif [ $type = mirror ]; then
+	        device=${1#/dev/mapper/}
+		name=$(echo "$device" | cut -d_ -f2)
+		desc=$(dmraid -s -c -c "$device")
+		type=$(echo "$desc" | cut -d: -f4)
+	        db_metaget partman/text/dmraid_volume description
+		printf "$RET" $name $type
 	        # LVM2 devices are found as /dev/mapper/<vg>-<lv>.  If the vg
 	        # or lv contains a dash, the dash is replaced by two dashes.

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