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Bug#375909: Untranslated strings in pkgsel

Quoting Kenshi Muto (kmuto@debian.org):

> Although APT is one of keys of untranslated strings issue,
> I found another one today.
> LANGUAGE=en environment value (defined by rootskel) blocks some of
> pkgsel translation, such as task choice menu.
> When I modified pkgsel.postinst to unset LANGUAGE on my test environment,
> it seemed work as we expected.

From rootskel changelog:

  [ Frans Pop ]
  * Set LANG and LANGUAGE to sensible defaults always; should fix dialogs in
    some cases where localechooser is not run (e.g. country selection lists
    on S/390).

 -- Frans Pop <fjp@debian.org>  Wed, 23 Aug 2006 00:03:20 +0200

Frans, I suggest we unset LANGUAGE in pkgsel postinst, as undefining
it in rootskel would be likely to "break" d-i in the above situation.

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