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Bug#381584: efi-vars still missing in new 2.6.17-2 kernel

Frans Pop wrote:
> The EFI modules are now included in the i386 kernels.
> I have unblocked the kernel-wedge bug: #381584. Could you add the modules 
> there?

Question is, to which udeb? ia64 has it in firmware-modules, if I add it
to firmware-modules on i386 then it will be pulled into ram even on
machines that don't load elilo-installer. Whether that's a problem
depends on how elilo-installer will be loaded on i386 -- will it always
get loaded anyway, or will it only be loaded conditionally? If it's
loaded anyway then there's no harm in keeping it in firmware-modules,
otherwise some space can be saved by moving it to efi-modules or such.

see shy jo

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