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Important: please update your Debian Installer translation for D-I RC1

(this mail is BCC'ed to all translators I know about for the relevant
languages. Please respect Reply-To)

The following languages have shown a correct activity all along the
development of Debian Installer for Etch. I would just like to remind
their translators to please update their translation for D-I level 1
during the next 2 weeks, possibly.

D-I RC1 is due ou for the end of October, so you know the drill.

Bulgarian           | 2006-04-08 | 1405t   87f   28u
Bosnian             | 2006-04-11 | 1405t   86f   29u
Albanian            | 2006-04-22 | 1410t   84f   26u
Norwegian Nynorsk   | 2006-06-19 | 1462t   45f   13u
Estonian            | 2006-07-12 | 1488t   22f   10u
Macedonian          | 2006-07-16 | 1484t   16f   20u
Punjabi             | 2006-07-18 | 1459t   31f   30u
Greek               | 2006-07-27 | 1460t   42f   18u
Traditional Chinese | 2006-07-29 | 1495t   16f    9u
Nepali              | 2006-07-30 | 1441t   60f   19u

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