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Bug#342053: DirectFrameBuffer crashes on PPC systems if HW accelerated drivers are used

On Saturday 23 September 2006 12:45, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> Speaking generically, i don't know how much is safe having DFB running
> in accelerated mode using fb module "X" on architecture "Y".
> An extensive set of tests to detect bad X,Y couples looks dificlut to
> be performed, so to be sure the end-user never runs in a bad X,Y
> situation, a safe choice would be disabling hw acceleration by defalut,
> for all architectures.

On the other hand, that does not really help directfb development...

But I've now changed rootskel-gtk so that no-hardware is set by default 
but hardware acceleration can be enabled with directfb/hw-accel=true.

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