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Bug#388769: installer hangs when installing packages; no abort possible

Package: debian-installer
Version: no idea. Netinstall image was DL'ed on 22-Sep-2006

During the installation step "Select and install software", progress
ground to a halt. It said "running tasksel", the progress bar remained
at 1% for several minutes.

A motionless progress bar doesn't convey much information; there is no
hint as to what actually went wrong.

Even if I knew, there is no way to abort / go back at this point (short
of switching to another console and applyig some l33t linux skillz. Due
to insufficient knowledge of what I was doing, this only raised even
more issues).

So much for the actual complaint. Here's what I was doing:

According to ALT-F4, it was trying to download the popularity-contest
package at that time. After killing apt-get, the log said "Failed to
http://zwerg:9999/main/pool/main/p/popularity-contest/popularity-contest_1.34_all.deb Connection failed"

zwerg happens to be the local apt-proxy machine; a subsequent attempt to
retrieve that file from another box on the network was sucessful, so I
don't think it's he proxy's fault.


schnobs@pferd:~$ wget http://zwerg:9999/main/pool/main/p/popularity-contest/popularity-contest_1.34_all.deb
--14:02:48--  http://zwerg:9999/main/pool/main/p/popularity-contest/popularity-contest_1.34_all.deb
           => `popularity-contest_1.34_all.deb'
Resolving zwerg...
Connecting to zwerg[]:9999... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 48,774 [application/dpkg]

100%[=============================================================>] 48,774       215.45K/s

14:02:49 (215.45 KB/s) - `popularity-contest_1.34_all.deb' saved [48774/48774]


Or maybe it was the proxy's fault, after all, because currently the
restarted installer is busy downloading stuff from ftp.de.debian.org --
but that's beside the point. I'm filing a bug report because I couldn't
abort the stalled installation and just go back to selecting another
mirror. I had to reboot the box and start over from scratch.


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