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Bug#388572: debian-installer won't let me select a local apt-proxy mirror

Tested with today's i386 netinst image from:
Debian GNU/Linux testing "Etch" - Official Snapshot i386 Binary-1 

As with earlier snapshots/releases, I had no difficulty entering my 
local apt-proxy in the "Configure the package manager" step. The secret 
is to scroll to the top of the list of countries and pick "enter 
information manually". Enter the address and port of the apt-proxy 
server at the "Debian archive mirror hostname:" prompt, using the IP 
address if DNS will not resolve your local server at this point.

Accept the default /debian/ for the Debian archive mirror directory, 
unless you changed it in apt-proxy-v2.conf. Leave the HTTP-proxy line 
blank unless there is an actual HTTP (not apt) proxy required for your 
network. The provided apt-proxy 'mirror' will then be used for the 
distribution archive, while security updates come from 
security.debian.org by default.  --Don

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