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Re: Preparing linux-2.6 2.6.18-1

* Bill Allombert (ballombe@master.debian.org) [060921 13:11]:
> On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 03:38:50PM +0200, Frederik Schueler wrote:
> > Second: this release contains ALL binary firmware blobs shipped 
> > upstream, even those we kept pruning since the day Herbert Xu removed 
> > them the first time in 2004. 
> > 
> > Initially, we wanted to wait for a positive GR vote outcome before doing 
> > this step, but as every day existing GR proposals are changed and new ones 
> > made, this seems to be going to be delayed indefinitely, which is not 
> > acceptable from a release point of view.
> From a release point of view, it would be better not to assume too much
> about the outcome, and I don't think any of the proposed resolution require
> the kernel package to include any firmwares.

>From a release point of view, assuming a bad outcome will make it
impossible to release etch in December. So, we need to assume and fight
for a good outcome.


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