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Bug#388572: debian-installer won't let me select a local apt-proxy mirror

Package: debian-installer
Version: no idea. Netinstall image was DL'ed on 20-Sep-2006

The way you're expected to enter a server and path differs from how
sources are defined in every other place; it's not apparent how they are
translated into a sources.list entry.

After trying several combinations of "server" and "path" statements to
no avail, I resigned and switched to the second console in an attempt to
edit the sources.list manually. In vain, though, as the installer would
immediately uncomment my changes in an attempt to make a clean start.
Good intentions notwithstanding, I found this to be annoying.

Please bring back the option to edit the sources.list file; while it may
look scary to a beginner, even a half-experienced user who has no idea
how sources work (like me) could still add a valid entry simply by
copying it verbatim from another source.


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