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Re: Gtk 2.10 availability

Frans Pop wrote:
Main reason I ask is that there are a few RC issues in the graphical installer (not crashes, but important presentation issues) that should be solved in 2.10, but are still present in 2.8. If the chance that 2.10 will _not_ make Etch is high, then we need to try to find fixes for these issues in 2.8. If that chance is negligible, we can concentrate on testing with the 2.10 libs.

I've just finished running cdebconf on my laptop with a set of debconf test scripts, and below is a list of bugs, currently assigned to cdebconf-gtk-udeb package, that affect GTKDFB 2.8.20/21 and no longer affect gtkdfb 2.10.x

- #385026: display issues in checkbox lists (multiselect)

- Also, the vertical line that used to cut the Debian top banner is no longer displayed.

- Bug
#340007: SELECT questions are not automatically scrolled to the active choice seems to be gone, but a test with a real miniiso is needed to state it definitely.

This is roughly what i expected to achieve from the 2.8.x -> 2.10.x GTKDFB library switch. GTKDFB 2.10.4, when available, will provide us also an enhanched/cleaner DFB backend. I'll make my best to make sure GTK 2.10.4 is released with a fully functional DFB backend (e.g. : GTK 2.10.3 was released with a broken DFB backend).



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