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Re: Bug#381979: keymap not changed in g-i after selection in kbd-chooser

Frans Pop wrote:
On Sunday 10 September 2006 10:51, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

After posting on gtk-devel, i received some answers [1] from DFB's main
developer and GTKDFB original author, but it seems nothing is going to
be done to add the needed functionality at the lower GDK or DFB level,
so i propose to apply this patch as a temporary workaround.

I have just tested g-i with this patch (local build with cdebconf 0.106 in localudebs) and the keymap is still not changed... I also don't see any indication of the keymap being reloaded on either VT1 or syslog.

Did you actually test this? If not, could you please?

I did not test this by myself, but davide did it and the patch proved to work (Davide, any hint about how to reproduce a correct keymap change in the g-i ?). I don't see anything strange in a text console behaviour's not being affected by DFB. Rather, i guess VT1 not being localized is a symptom of something not working correctly at an lower level (at the level where kbd-chooser sets the keymap) than DFB or GTKDFB (but i may b wrong)
BTW, how is keymap set by the d-i?



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