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Bug#348712: #348712: suggested root partition size too small - additional info


there is a problem with this recommendation:

how big the root partition has to be, depends on which underlying
directories are on a separate partition or not:
what if you have a "everything on one partition" partitioning

So, there should be something like this:

  The root partition / must always physically
  contain /etc, /bin, /sbin, /lib and /dev, otherwise you won't be
- able to boot. Typically 150–250MB is needed for the root
- partition.
+ able to boot. If you have such partitioning scheme, where /
+ only contains the mentioned data, 150-250MB should fit. But if
+ you have for example no separate /usr partition and therefore
+ /usr is also contained in the root partition, you need additional
+ space there.



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