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Bug#382129: Is now a good time to revisit installer not booting on OldWorld PowerMac beige G3?

On Saturday 16 September 2006 09:09, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Is there someone out there who will work with me to get a kernel that
> boots to run debian-installer on my beige G3 PowerMac (OldWorld)
> machine?

I'd like to see that happen.

> If not, I think it may be time to withdraw OldWorld PowerMacs from
> the list of hardware supported by the Debian Installer.

Note that as I understand there are also problems booting the kernel 
outside the installer (i.e. just upgrading an installed system), this 
does not seem to be a Debian Installer issue, but rather a powerpc kernel 
or kernel configuration issue.
This of course means that the debian-boot team can do very little about it 
and that you need help from the kernel maintainer. My expectation is that 
the installer will work just fine again once the kernel issue is solved.

See also bug #366620 that is currently being discussed on the 
debian-kernel list.


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