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Bug#387696: mdcfg: MD stands for "multiple device", not "multidisk"

Quoting Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl):
> Package: mdcfg
> Severity: minor
> In the templates file for mdcfg, the acronym MD has been consistently 
> translated with "multidisk". However, it really is short for "multiple 
> devices". As a rough synonym "software RAID" is often used.

I may be culprit for this error, in an old hunt for jargon and
meaningless acronyms...:-)

I indeed agree for the change which should be done ASAP to give
translators an opportunity to fix their translations. I guess that
many have probably been confused by "multidisk" and should then update
their translations. The mention od "software RAID" ad a good synonym
shoudl probably be mentioned.

Unless there's a strong objection, I plan to do this change by myself
in mdcfg.


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