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Re: New cdebconf facility allowing simpler translated choices

On Fri, Sep 15, 2006 at 11:24:02AM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Friday 15 September 2006 10:56, Colin Watson wrote:
> > It probably should be what is displayed in a C locale, at least in the
> > installer. I think that's a bug. Do you agree?
> Hmm. If we are going to put codes or to quote you: "identifiers that are
> convenient for use in code" in choices-C then I would prefer to have the 
> English translation displayed if the locale is C (provided of course that 
> LANG=en).
> Is that indeed what happens currently?

I do not know how it is displayed within d-i, but I made tests on cdebconf
SVN, and this is indeed what happens, hence my comment.  IIRC this
feature had been requested years ago, and I objected; I do not remember
exactly why and cannot find the bug report, IIRC it was for kbd-chooser,
and my objection was that having 2 lists (codes and English text) was
error prone.  As there have been many errors with translations, it is
indeed better to have a single point of failure ;)

I agree with Frans that Choices should be displayed in English and C
locales; Choices-C is an internal code, this is why I suggested to
call it Choices-internal if this is possible without breaking too
much things.


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