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Re: [g-i] new screenshots available (dejavu 2.9)

At 11 Sep 06 20:06:45 GMT,
Davide Viti wrote:
>  * graphic libraries have been updated
>  * default fontsize has been increased
>  * dejavu2.9 has been used (last time we used 2.7)
>  * #374902 was fixed with a new upload of libfreetype6-udeb_2.2.1-4_i386.udeb
> the screenshots can be found in [2], and in case you wanted to compare them to the
> previous, see [3]

Nice work.

For Japanese, we still have a problem about Chinese characters are used
instead of Japanese characters when they are using same unicode codepoint.
(hm, did I forget to submit it to BTS..?)

But well, it's readable for us.

BTW, I hope the issue "Subject: I met some issue for Daily Etch installer"
raised by Yukiharu is already solved by my last upload of cjkfont.

Kenshi Muto

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