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Bug#387019: my eyes hurt

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Gurkan Sengun wrote:
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: etch
> Severity: wishlist
> Please can these points be improved in the graphical debian-installer?
> - The shadows make the debian logo incosistent to all the other occurences
>   where they are without shadow (corporate design)

I'm afraid I don't agree with you on this point, although I understand
the reason you are calling. This upper band was a very nice contribution
from the very few designers we have in free software. Adding a nice
face lift to the Debian logo it is not IMHO a bad thing at all.

I am sure that if Debian would do what you are suggesting wrt this point
I were the designer (I am really sorry, I don't remember the name) I
would be very upset. You are basically proposing to toss out his work in
which he invested a lot of time.

> - the text "GNU/Linux" should be bold

Maybe you mean thicker? The improved version you provided a link to,
does not strike me as an "improvement", on the contrary.

> I've got a gimp picture of the improvements needed here:
> http://io.debian.net/~tar/hebrew-bad.png
> http://io.debian.net/~tar/hebrew-improved.xcf

The improved version you provided a link to, does not strike me as an
"improvement", on the contrary. Sorry, I don't want to be rude, but I
think you are not right, except maybe the think GNU/Linux issue.

BTW: NOW, *my* eyes hurt! :-P

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