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Bug#387085: debian-installer: Support install from a running system into another partition

Package: debian-installer
Severity: wishlist

 master@capsaicin:~$ apt-cache show debian-installer
 Package: debian-installer
 Priority: optional
 Section: devel
 Description: Debian installer
  This package currently only contains some documentation for the Debian
  installer. We welcome suggestions about what else to put in it.

How about a program /usr/bin/debian-installer that gives me the same
curses interface than the bootable CDs and permits me to install
Debian on a different disk/partition? This niche was (as far as I am
concerned) adequately filled by the combination of (c)debootstrap and
base-config before, but as base-config has now disappeared, we
actually have a regression in etch compared to potato / woody /

Using the debian-installer infrastructure for that and giving people
the same nice hand-holding interface than for a from-scratch
installation would be an awesome way to address that, to not only fix
the regression, but replace it by something really better, nostalgia à
la http://www.infodrom.org/~joey/log/?200609102259 notwithstanding.

(I'm aware this will probably not be ready for etch, but please
consider it for later.)



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