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Lost on new insatallation

I just bought Debian 3.1 i386 Rel R2.
I know absolutely nothing about Linux.
I have been a MS user for 20? years.
Never used a password with MS.
Just booted right up.
Now with Debian I am Password bolluxed up.
Installation insisted on a password a couple of times.
I don't even know the terms but I guess it asked for a password for ROOT and USER.
I think I need a text book to read up on the terms.
I bought "LINUX from Scratch" By Gerard Beekmans.
But that is no help at all to me.
They problem to start is I can't even get booted up.
I run through a couple of password requests.
I don't know if they are user or root.
After many trials I can get past them and the following shows up:
I have no idea what to enter here or what it is?
I am stuck.
Sam Franc
PS:I just want to get Debian installed from the DVD.
I can't depend on downloading anything as I get only 26.4 on a regular basis and that cuts out on me.

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