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Re: installation-report i18n'ed?

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Stefano Canepa wrote:
> This is one of the thinks written in the TODO file of reportbug, and
> reading the code somethink started sometime ago. Do you think it make
> sense even if bug reports need to be written into English? Gnome
> bugbuddy is translated.

   I would say so, but it seems you beat me :-) In fact, I was thinking
how we could attract more people reporting bugs if we only accept
english-written reports.

   I have just read a message in debian-user-portuguese@lists.debian.org
from a guy which seems to have found a problem in a given piece of
software and didn't sent a bug report because he doesn't know english.

   I offered to help writing a bug report, but think about the others
hundreds (or even thousands) of Debian users who don't know how to
express themselves in english and who don't subscribe to any mailing
list where people could help them to write bug reporters.

   I don't know how this problem could be solved. I remember that a long
time ago it seems that there was an idea around the brazilian Debian
community to set up a debbugs instance which would accept bug reports in
our native language and some volunteers would work as a proxy for
non-english speaking users, translating the bug reports from and to the

   I don't know how far this idea went. I think it wasn't put forward
because it would demand a lot of work from the volunteers, but I would
love to hear ideas from people about how this problem could be solved (I
mean, if it's solvable at all).

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