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Bug#386055: tasksel: Please add a GIS workstation task

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> The Debian GIS subproject is working to package and integrated the
> free GIS tools to make them easily available and ready for
> professional use.  To make the tools easier to find, I believe it
> would be useful if there were a GIS workstation task in tasksel.  Here
> is a suggestion for such task.  It is based on the list of packages
> available in the Debian GIS wiki,
> <URL:http://pkg-grass.alioth.debian.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl>, and a sanity
> check on the Debian GIS mailing list.

My criteria for adding a new task to tasksel are:

  Care should be taken when adding new tasks to ensure that the new task is
  suitably generic -- it should be something of value to a large number (at
  least 25%) of our users; and 90% of our users should be able to understand
  what the task is from only its short description. It must not perform the
  same general purpose as some other existing task. It must contain packages
  that are the ones in most common use, and software that is of the best
  perceived quality. These criteria are relaxed some if the task has an
  appropriate test program. No more than 10 tasks should ever be displayed by
  the program, so if there are more, the least-used tasks must be removed
  when adding a new one.

A GIS task seems to fail the 25% test (and the short description given fails
the 90% test). We currently have 9 visible tasks, so only 1 free slot. I'd
need to see a strong argument for including this task to get past those

see shy jo

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