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Re: partman-auto-crypto - round2 :)

On Tue, September 5, 2006 1:22, Max Vozeler said:
> What I think needs to be solved before a first upload:
>   2. Dependencies. I think they need to be tightened a bit

Will do

>   3. Yet a bit more code could perhaps be dropped, I think :-)

I'll take a look at it

>   4. debian/copyright still mentions substantial changes to
>   automatically_partition/some_device_crypto/do_option; Does this
>   still apply given the reorganisation?

Uhm, I probably should rewrite debian/copyright...there is little to no
code left that I haven't written.

> If we don't find any new problems, and depending on feedback, I
> hope to move the package to trunk/packages/partman/ later this
> week and maybe look into a first upload this weekend. Please let
> us know if you see other issues/questions to be resolved or any
> reasons to wait yet a little bit longer. In particular I think it
> would be important to have an evaluation from a d-i release
> perspective before we make a first upload.

I just realized yesterday that #385927 needs to be fixed in partman-crypto
since p-a-c does a LVM-over-crypto setup. I'll try to fix it this
evening...I'll also try to find the time to fix the issues you've

Thanks for the review

David Härdeman

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