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Drop discover1-data, move to discover-data instead?

I believe it is time to drop discover1-data as a separate package, and
instead generate it using the information in the discover-data
package.  The information in discover-data is at the moment more
correct than the information in discover1-data (I've merged in all the
hardware mappings, and added kernel versions to them, so we can
generate the discover1-data files using the XML files in

Because of this, I believe it is best to drop discover1-data package,
and rewrite discover-data to generate the discover1-data and

The xml2lst script used to generate the discover v1 files could use
some improvements (it does not handle multiple versions very well),
but it is still doing a good job so this isn't fatal.  If you got
python skills, your help is most welcome. :)

As the discover1-data package is maintained by debian-boot, with David
Nusinow, Gaudenz Steinlin, Joshua Kwan, Otavio Salvador and myself
listed as co-maintainers, I thought it best to bring it up here first.

Any protests?

Petter Reinholdtsen

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