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Bug#385271: Debian Installer unreliable

> When the debian-installer cannot successfully download a package from 
> the net due to a broken TCP connection, it does neither re-try to fetch 
> the package nor does it prompt the user what to do.
> When I installed that day the installer did *not* inform me of any 
> packages it failed to download or install, although half the packages 
> were missing after re-boot (I only got the command line, no gnome).

D-I developers (especially joeyh), wouldn't this actually be something
like "apt should offer an option to retry downloading" ?

AFAIK, the D-I composent that retrieves things from the net
(net-retriever) *does* offer an option to retry downloads....but when
the download of packages in the "Install software" step is involved,
it indeed depends on downloads performed by APT....


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